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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Moving Sale

We will be moving to a new location at the end of this month. We will update the new address when ready.
Clearance sales of some items in store. Check things out and save you $$$$
All FISH 50% OFF
All GOOD 25% OFF
Aquatic Plants 25% OFF

 T5 Hight Out Put Light
Finnex Planted +  LED light
Finnex Ray 2 LED light

25% OFF

Aquarium Heaters 25% OFF

Eheim Filter and Filter Medias 25% OFF

ADA Amazonia SOIL and other aquarium Gravel 25% OFF

Betta SET UP 25% OFF

Aquarium SET SALES:
30 Gallon Aqarium Set $299
Tank, stand, glass top, light, and filter

60 Gallon Cube Aqarium Set $599
Tank, stand, 2x lights, and filter
Fluval Accent 25 gallon
Aquarium Set + Stand  only $349.99

Exo Terra Bent Glass Terrarium
Small: $99
Large: $139


Aquarium Light 72 inch Current USA 12x39W Nova Extreme Pro T5HO Used $199

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