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Friday, June 13, 2014

Bottom Feeder Corydoras Catfish

What do you think about bottom feeder? 

Most people would consider bottom feeders as cleaning fish. Well, they do eat the left over food on the bottom. Some people think that they eat fish poop as well. The true is that when fish eat fish food, they won't be able to consume all the nutrient in food. Partial leftover nutrient will come out together with fish poop. That's why bottom feeder may look like eating fish poop. You don't want to over feeding fish, because bottom feeders have capacity of eating. If you have a lot of bottom feeders, a better option is to feed them separately with their food. Suggest bottom sinking wafer, before light off. They are more active looking for food at night.

I think bottom feeder is a great addition to aquarium, not just because they clean the bottom. There are beautiful bottom feeders. And because of them, the bottom level of aquarium would be full of activities. My favorite ones are corydoras catfishes. Most corydoras catfishes are pretty active. They stay on bottom. and swim around, and have fun. And I really enjoy their sharing behavior. They love hanging out with each others.

Corydoras Sterbi
Corydoras Sterbi is the best seller in my store for it's beautiful coloration. Most bottom feeders are black, white or gray. Cory Sterbi has beautiful stripe lace feeling color, and two orange colors pelvic fin make them really stand out.

Gold Stripe Laser Corydoras Catfish
Gold Stripe Laser Corydoras Catfish is one of the most outstanding, gorgeous catfish. The metal shining gold stripe is unbeatable. One of reasons makes cory catfish really enjoyable is that they share food, they sleep together. They look just so cute when they sit still together over there.

And another unique characters about Cory Catfish are:

  • Spotted body pattern
  • Masked Faces

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Corydoras Habrosus -- A nano coraydoras

Corydoras Loxozonus

Corydoras Virginae
Corydoras Melanistius

Bumble Bee Goby

Don't miss out the most beautiful batch of Bumble Bee Goby!
Very nice and big size, some with yellow tint, some with orange tint, and some with blue eyes.

This species can live in either fresh or brackish water. We keep them in freshwater. And they are feed on either live food or frozen foo.