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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Green Spotted Puffer: One of the most Popular Puffer fish is Available BIG & Beautiful


Green Spotted Puffer Fish
Green Spotted Puffer is Back.
This batch are really nice and big in size.
The puffer fish are very smart. They are not just fish in the aquarium. They could be an exellent pet. They look out side of the aquarium and curious about what their owner's doing. The green spotted is one of the most popular one, for it's size and beautiful appearance.
Another fun part of keeping a green spotted puffer is the feeding time. They eat frozen food and snails mostly. THEY LOVE SNAILS. To me, I feel like they are chewing a gun when eating the snails, and they spit out the shell. Like human, they like something spice up their life. You can treat them other meats sometimes, like a piece of raw chicken. They would be so excited about it.
HURRY UP, check them out in store.
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