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Friday, November 22, 2013

**Feature** New Fish

Cobalt Blue Angel Fish: Gorgeous angelfish,  median large size!!
Bloodfin Tetra: beautiful bloody fin. A great addition to your community tank.
Glotetra Purple *new* bright purple color

Green Spotted Puffer
Mono Argenteus


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We will be close on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 28th. Enjoy your turkey dinner with family.

It's getting cold, if you want to get the heater to keep your fish warm. It's time.
If the temperature is too low, or fluctuates to much, fish's immune system will get weak, thus they may easily get sick.

"10% off any kind of heater in store" 
available from 11/23-12/1

It's always good to have some basic medication on hand, so you can use them at the first sign of disease. The earlier the treatment the better and faster the fish will recover.
If you want to store some medication and water test kit,
"10% off all APT water test kit and fish medication"
available from 11/23 -12/1